Greg Maynard

Board Member
GrantBlackford Mental Health

Greg has more than 30 years of experience as a professional communicator and working in the public and non-profit sectors. He is a former newspaper journalist, and has experience in community organizing and social services coordination as a site coordinator for a federal Department of Justice grant program. Prior to joining Carey Services, Greg was a regional re-entry employment coordinator with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. Greg has been with Carey Services since May of 2014. Greg has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Anderson University and also has earned the Global Career Development Facilitator credential. He is a federally certified Offender Workforce Development Specialist and Offender Employment Retention Specialist, and he is a member of the federally certified Indiana Offender Workforce Development Specialist instructor team. Greg is former board president/executive director of Home Savers of Delaware County, a board member and secretary of LEAD, Inc., in Grant County, and a board member and past president of Marion Lions Club. He is a member of Muncie Sunrise Rotary Club and attends Marion North Rotary Club.