Lezlie Winter

Board Member
Superintendent , Mississinewa Community Schools

Lezlie has been a dedicated school and community advocate for her entire career. She has held many positions within education but most recently serves as the assistant superintendent at Mississinewa Community Schools. Lezlie believes that schools and the communities around them need to value inclusiveness over everything and foster a nurturing, safe, and respectful environment. She has been able to instill these values in each system and community in which she has served. Lezlie is a true visionary in that she is a leader and clear about what she believes and knows is best for children—academically, socially and emotionally. Her ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with team members and stakeholders has been a crucial element in creating and striving towards a shared vision. It takes a visionary to unite a community to make an impactful change and Lezlie uses her knowledge, experience and passion for driving positive transformations.


"I believe in our community and the residents. I feel a responsibility to support community programs that enhance the quality of life for the residents of Grant County. "